Will girls laugh at my small cock?

April 14th, 2011 Don No comments

That’s a question I used to ask myself a lot. When I had a small cock, my self esteem was way down in the gutter, but somehow I still managed to get some girls to have sex with me..

The harsh answer to this question is, yes, 90% of the time they will. Bunch of inconsiderate b*tches, I say.

The few 9% will not laugh at the size of your penis. No doubt you will find girls who are nice enough not to laugh at something you were¬† born with. But the harsh truth about these nice girls is that, they usually end up cheating on you out of dissatisfaction. They can only be nice and act like it doesn’t matter for so long, but when it all comes down to it, girls want good sex. They need pleasure just like any normal human being. And what sucks about that is, a small cock does not give any real pleasure.

The only exception to all of this is the very small 1% – girls who fall into this 1% are extremely rare and most of us will not come across a girl like this in our entire lifetime (hehe, I know I sure haven’t). These are the girls who will really, truly love you unconditionally for who you are and sincerely disregard any and all of your flaws.

Some other girls who fall into this 1% are the girls who have small cock fetishes.

So with the above in mind, the only real practical solution is to make your cock bigger. You only have one short life, and another reason why I decided to make my small cock bigger is because you cannot wait around for that one special girl who will love you unconditionally forever. Like I said, life is short. Might as well fix the problem at hand instead of waiting for a miracle to happen is how I think of it.

How I made my small cock bigger

April 14th, 2011 Don No comments

Below is a picture of how small my cock was about 3 months ago:

And yes, as it says in the picture, my penis was erect (I tried to get it to the biggest it could go) at the time.. so the actual size of my penis was a little under half the size in the picture..


Naturally, when it comes to enlarging the size of our cocks,we all tend to resort to shortcut solutions. We all want to see fast results. But from my experience with trying pill after pill, and all kinds of crazy herbs and remedies, penis weights and pumps, I came to the conclusion that there is NO real quick solution or magic pill you can take to gain inches in a short period of time. There are pills you can take to make your erections stronger, which in a way will make your cock “look” bigger, but when it all comes down to it, your cock will still be small – you can’t maintain an erection forever.

I think it’s funny how when we’re desperate, even the craziest ideas can seem plausible!

I still remember this time last year where I tried penis weights… I bought the weights online, followed the instructions and did the routines for a little over two months.

And guess what? No gains at all. Not a single centimeter difference in size.

I could deal with that – but what I could NOT deal with was the loss of sensitivity in my penis.

It was harder to maintain or even GET an erection.. It still feels great when I have sex, but the sensation just isn’t the same.

And I blame this on shortcut solutions that falsely promise fast results and gains

Although I did manage to enlarge my cock in the end, I still have to live with the reduced sensation in my penis… which I have no idea how I can fix…

How to make your cock bigger

I’m sorry I had to bore you with my past experience, and I know what you really want is a real practical method you can use to make your cock bigger..

The reason I shared the above with you is because you need to know the truth about these shortcut solutions – they really do you no good at all! I even took the time to search Google and found many others who experienced the same and it pains me to hear so many people suffering permanent damage from these so-called quick solutions. And that is why I shared my experience with you, because I do not want you to fall in the same trap I did..

The only real, practical way to enlarge your cock..

Exercises are the only real safe way to make your cock bigger. You will only need your hands and a towel, and a few minutes of your time each day. Through this, I saw gains in just a month. It took me about 3 months of exercise to get my cock into “average” size range (4-5 inches). This size is more than enough to reach deep into a girls vagina, assuming she doesn’t have a cave down there. It might not seem like much of a gain, but if you keep in mind the small cock I started with (picture above), it’

I’ve been a member of two programs (both Size Trainer and Penis Advantage), but the only program I can really recommend for you is Penis Advantage. It has the most comprehensive members area I have seen so far and instructs you on what exactly to do in your first week, in the second week, etc.¬† It’s kind of like following a muscle gain program, except this one is an step-by-step exercise program for enlarging the cock.

You can also talk to other members who are doing the program and see how they’re going. It is hard to find the right exercises if you simply search for them yourself, and you can’t really tell which are the most effective, and I think that’s what I liked most about this program. It organizes all the most effective exercises for you and tells you what exactly to do each day, when to rest, etc. so it pretty much saves you from the mistakes you can make doing it all on your own and coming up with your own exercise program on your own.

Do not buy Penis Advantage from their main site..

Whatever you do, please do not buy from the main site.. You will be wasting your money. I managed to find the below discount link through a popular penis enlargement forum.. Many of the members there were using the discount link below to get a cheaper price. I was lucky I came across the link before I became a member, so I didn’t have to pay full price. I will share the link with you now..

Penis Advantage discount link

I’m not sure when the link will expire, but take advantage while you still can..


What is life like with a bigger cock?

Ever since I put up a picture of how small my cock was before, a lot of people keep emailing me asking me what my life is like now that I have a bigger cock..

The thing I’ve noticed most is that I’m more care-free now… most of the things I used to worry about all the time no longer bother me.. I do not worry anymore about what girls will think of my cock.. all I know is, I’m happy with my average sized cock.

I’m not sure if a bigger cock has done much for my confidence, but I definitely don’t feel as down on myself as I used to..

Lastly, I am more happier now and able to focus on the things that really matter in life..

Hope that answers your question guys.

My email..

Please email me if you have any questions at all. Anything you tell or ask me will be kept private between me and you and I will not share it with anyone. Also, I will not judge you. I will try to answer your question to the best of my ability and with the experience I have in this area.

My email is don [at] makecockbigger.com

Replace the [at] with an @

And my name is Don.

Well, that brings me to the end of my post.. Hope I have helped in some way.

And thanks for taking the time to listen and read.